Whitepaper | In Response to The SolarWinds Breach: The Need to Return to Cybersecurity Fundamentals

In mid-December 2020, SolarWinds acknowledged that it experienced a massive supply chain attack where its compromised software channel was used to push out malicious updates to 18,000 of its Orion platform customers. Several government agencies were impacted in this unprecedented breach, including the Department of Defense, Department of Commerce, Department of Homeland Security, and others. The fallout of this attack continues even now with the Department of Justice announcing that hackers accessed its Microsoft Office 365 email server, gaining the ability to see internal emails and correspondence.

While much of the commentary around the breach focuses on how it happened, little has been said about how to respond moving forward. This incident reminds us: we’re never too far gone to ensure we’re implementing the fundamentals. Utilizing cybersecurity basics can alleviate a number of the issues that allowed the hack to happen. We’ve put together a white paper that covers just that.

The white paper can be found here.

The realities of data security in the U.S. today

The realities of data security in the U.S. today

…what government agencies, businesses, and the public NEED to know!


Luray, VA:  It’s no secret that technology today is moving faster than ever… but is data security keeping up? In a recent Washington Examiner interview, Strong Crypto Innovations President and Principal Security Consultant, Alexander J. Fry, talked about the realities of the data security landscape, and how government agencies can become better protected.

Read the interview here: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/4-ways-the-government-can-improve-its-tech-talent/article/2598518


What’s the REAL risk?

For most Americans, the fear of a nuclear attack has long been the greatest perceived threat to the nation. Yet with highly sophisticated cyber-hackers already penetrating security walls, an attack that could paralyze businesses, a major city, or even the entire country, is well within the realms of possibility. Experts like Alexander J. Fry are acutely aware of these realities.

Fry and his team have provided security to the Department of Homeland Security, Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration, NASA, Department of Labor, Department of Commerce, Department of the Army and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. A holder of the prestigious GIAC Security Expert (GSE) designation (held by only 150 individuals worldwide), Fry is recognized as one of the best in his field – and he’s passionate about helping organizations to achieve their optimal strategic security objectives.

Said Fry, “Agencies and businesses simply aren’t keeping up with the mindset and skills of the hacker.

 With the security talent pool currently available in the U.S., no organization needs to go unprotected, and both government and corporate secrets, and the personal information of the American people, can be well secured. Agencies need to re-think their hiring protocols and make jobs more appealing to the kind of employee they need to attract.”


About Strong Crypto Innovations

Strong Crypto Innovations provides information and software security solutions to businesses and government agencies. The company’s solutions-based approach to data security not only aids organizations in protecting their data, but also assists them in recovery in the case of a breach.

See the full suite of Strong Crypto data security solutions at https://www.strongcrypto.com, or contact Alexander J. Fry at 703.574.4975 for more information.

Alexander J. Fry holds the following certifications: SANS GIAC – GSE, GCPM, GPEN, GMOB, GCIA, GCIH, GSEC, GSSP-JAVA, GWAPT ; EC-Council – LPT, ECSA, CEH ; (ISC)² – CSSLP, ISSAP, ISSEP, CISSP ; IAPP – CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPT ; Red Hat – RHCE ; Microsoft – MCP ; Cisco – CCNA. ; CompTIA – CompTIA Network+, CompTIA A+ ; Sun – SCJP1.1 and SCJP2.


Strong Crypto Innovations Leverages Netsparker Cloud to Secure the SDLC

Strong Crypto Innovations LLC, a software security services firm in Northern Virginia, today announced its partnership with Netsparker. Strong Crypto Innovations will start offering web application security scans to its customers using Netsparker Cloud, the only false positive free online web application security scanner.

Strong Crypto Innovations is an official Netsparker reseller of both Netsparker’s online service offering Netsparker Cloud, and the desktop edition of the scanner Netsparker Desktop.

“We are pleased to announce this technology alliance,” said Ferruh Mavituna, Netsparker CEO. “By providing web application security scans and reselling the service and software, Strong Crypto Innovations is helping organizations integrate web application security scans in their SDLC and ensure they all build and maintain secure web applications”.

The Netsparker Cloud web scanning solution complements penetration testing delivered by Strong Crypto and provides additional security assurance for Strong Crypto customers. “Offering Netsparker Cloud provides Strong Crypto’s customers with the tools to strengthen their web application security programs in a long-term and sustained way,” said Alexander J. Fry, President at Strong Crypto Innovations. “With Netsparker Cloud, our customers can quickly and easily implement a continuous monitoring program as well as address FISMA and PCI compliance.”

About Strong Crypto Innovations LLC

Strong Crypto Innovations LLC has provided world-class software security services and solutions to organizations since being founded in 2006 by Alexander J. Fry.

Strong Crypto provides penetration testing services that are carefully scoped to meet its customer’s needs, professionally conducted and competitive within the industry. Its penetration testing engagements have grown over the years from individual mobile and Web applications to large-scale wireless networks; offices, retail locations, point of sale; cloud and Internet infrastructure.

Strong Crypto’s mission is to improve the security and reliability of customer software and protect their applications on a wide range of technologies and architectures. Strong Crypto ensures that their clients’ applications are “self-defending” for their target environments and meet compliance requirements such as DIACAP, FISMA, PCI, HIPAA, and the EU Data Protection Directive. Strong Crypto will “teach your software self-defense”™. To learn more about Strong Crypto Innovations, visit https://www.strongcrypto.com

About Netsparker Cloud

Netsparker Cloud is an enterprise level false positive free online web application scanner developed by Netsparker Ltd. It is a fully scalable multi user service that enables users to easily scan hundreds and thousands of websites simultaneously. Its vulnerability management tool and fully documented API allow enterprises to easily manage the long term security of their web applications and integrate automated web application security scans in their SDLC and Continuous Integration system. Netsparker Cloud is built around the already proven scanning technology of Netsparker Desktop, which is used by world renowned companies such as Samsung, Ernst & Young, Skype, NASA, ISACA and ING Bank.

About Netsparker Ltd

Netsparker Ltd is a young and enthusiastic UK based company focused on developing automated web security products, mainly the false positive web application security scanners Netsparker Desktop and Netsparker Cloud. Netsparker management and engineers have more than two decades of experience in the web application security industry that is reflected in their products. Founded in 2009, Netsparker’s automated web vulnerability scanners are the leading security tools and are used by world renowned companies such as Samsung, NASA, Microsoft, ING bank, Skype and Ernst & Young.

Media Contact:
Alexander J. Fry, President/Principal Security Consultant
14001C St. Germain Drive, Suite 210
Centreville, VA 20121-2338
+1 (703) 574-4975

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