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Strong Crypto Innovations (SCI) Strengthens Cyber Security Portfolio with SentinelOne’s Next Generation Endpoint Protection

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Strong Crypto Innovations, leaders in providing information security solutions to the Federal government, and commercial organizations of all sizes; today announced it has selected SentinelOne’s next-generation endpoint protection platform as an important component of its cyber security strategy.

SentinelOne provides an advanced solution that protects organizations from becoming victims of advanced malware, such as ransomware, and exploit-based attacks. Unlike signature-based security products that rely on static analysis, SentinelOne’s Dynamic Behaviour Tracking (DBT) engine closely monitors each newly-created process on a machine through its lifecycle, identifying malicious patterns and eliminating threats in real-time. This approach defends against advanced cyber attacks and insider threats that use stealthy evasion techniques, which can bypass traditional security methods.

Comments Alexander J. Fry, President at Strong Crypto Innovations

“SentinelOne’s solution is an important offering in our comprehensive approach to cyber security, and further strengthens the protection that we can offer customers as cyber attacks become harder to detect. As we’ve seen in recent months, the volume of ransomware attacks has grown substantially. In fact, today the Federal Trade Commission is holding several panel discussions on ransomware. So it’s more important than ever that we provide customers with the most advanced solutions to protect them from these threats, including zero day variants. SentinelOne’s solution stood out to us as providing an innovative and dynamic new approach, combining sophisticated machine learning with real-time threat intelligence to ensure customers have the best possible endpoint protection. SentinelOne is also the Only Endpoint Protection Company to Guarantee its Technology. If they’re unable to block or remediate the effects of a ransomware attack, they will reimburse the company or organization up to $1000 per endpoint, or $1,000,000 in protection overall for the company.”

Comments Magali Bohn, Head of Worldwide Channel Sales at SentinelOne

“We’re delighted to partner with Strong Crypto Innovations. The Federal government and commercial organizations that SCI serves have some very real challenges in this new era of ransomware and our solution is designed to help them keep pace with these and to protect what is often seen as the ‘soft’ target by cyber criminals: their endpoints.”