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Mobile devices such as phones and tablets have begun to replace the traditional PC for most people and organizations.


Strong Crypto Innovations specializes in securing mobile applications and mobile devices on Android, iOS & Windows Mobile.

Whether the Enterprise is supporting applications on personal devices under a “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy, on corporate/government-issued mobile devices, or independent software vendors deploying mobile applications through an online store, SCI ensures that the mobile deployment meets or exceeds security requirements and expected operating parameters.

Mobile Device Architecture Security

Mobile Device Architecture Security begins with an understanding of the threats anticipated in the operating environment for a mobile device and application, the available architectural choices, as well as the resulting security posture.

Based on these requirements, SCI designs and implements comprehensive device and infrastructure systems that are resilient and consistently defend against threats. This activity typically results in the selection of security controls such as mandatory access control and partitioning of devices using Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems

Mobile Code and Application Assessment

Mobile Code and Application Assessment entails the static analysis of application source code, the dynamic analysis of the application run-time, the evaluation of the local data storage and specific application environment.

We subject the application to the same techniques used by adversaries such as jail-breaking, unlocking and rooting devices; network traffic hijacking and monitoring; forensic trace and data leakage; reverse engineering, decryption and binary analysis. We follow a comprehensive approach to ensure that all application artifacts are thoroughly examined.

Ethical Hacking Mobile Devices and Applications

Ethical Hacking is the identification and exploitation of individual security weaknesses in mobile devices and applications.

Our approach mirrors the techniques, process and time-frame (when possible) of a real world attacker and is the most realistic measure of risk.

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