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Strong Crypto Innovations Publishes Ethical Hacking Case Study For US Department Of Labor

Washington D.C. area veteran ethical hacking company Strong Crypto Innovations was asked by the U.S. Department of Labor to conduct an Independent Security Assessment. Recent security breaches have necessitated more of such exercises to help prevent the theft of key personal information.

For the last decade Alexander J. Fry and his company, Strong Crypto Innovations, have been working in the business of keeping critical information secure. Certainly in the last year there have been spectacular breaches of sensitive personal information, and a possible endgame for such marauding could be as dramatic as the takedown of an economy. Recently Strong Crypto published a case study of their work for the U.S. Department of Labor to illustrate the usefulness of ethical hacking assessments.

“Too many organizations focus most on compliance, with only a nod toward security,” said SCI founder and owner Alexander J. Fry. “We understand the need for both and we teach organizations how to leverage compliance to improve security. By introducing the right mix of security best practices, the organization is better able to protect itself and ultimately ends up meeting compliance mandates.”

To be successful the Strong Crypto team had to work after hours and on non-business days, and within a specific timeframe for the completion of the assessment. Another challenge in the procedures involved the CSAM application (in which assessment findings were required to be input/validated) as it resides on a Department of Justice system that is outside the control of DOL. Results delivered to DOL included vulnerability findings and remediation advice, backup and contingency planning recommendations, component inventory and configuration management recommendations and operational process improvement recommendations.

“To protect your intellectual property, it is imperative to build-in custom countermeasures such as embedding a beacon on ex-filtrated data to identify the sources of attack, or embedding code on the stolen data that can corrupt the perpetrators’ systems. At SCI we think in terms of parry then thrust when it comes to creating defenses for our clients,” said Alexander J. Fry. “In cyber security, it’s a war that requires a strong offense as well as complex protection.”

Strong Crypto Innovations specializes in working with the U.S. Federal government and Fortune 500 clients in industries such as financial services, health care, software development, digital media, and publishing. More information about services and deliverables can be found on the Strong Crypto Innovations website.

About Strong Crypto Innovations
Strong Crypto Innovations has provided world-class software security training and services to organizations with critical applications since being founded in 2006 by Alexander J. Fry. Strong Crypto’s mission is to improve the security and reliability of client software and protect their critical applications on a wide range of technologies and architectures. Strong Crypto ensures that their clients’ applications are “self-defending” for their target environments and meet compliance requirements such as DIACAP, FISMA, PCI, HIPAA, and the EU Data Protection Directive. Strong Crypto will “teach your software self-defense” ™. To learn more about Strong Crypto, visit

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